Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Little Elves 12/08

Sorry that last post was up for so long. Things don't happen that way every day. Nora has been sleeping since 11PM last night, it is now 8:19AM! Holy cow I don't know what to do with my rested self. Organize? Pack for our move to Texas? Christmas, did someone say it was coming up? Play with Thomas? Bathe? Oh the possibilities.
This time of year makes me so grateful for the love of friends and family. Please enjoy your holiday!

Note to Self 12/06/08

1. Next time don't be so cocky. Just because you've had one child already doesn't mean kid #2 will be easier.

2. When you have the choice to return child #1 to bed or let him crawl into your bed just so you can go back to sleep quicker, don't be so lazy. Put him back in his own bed so that when child #2 wakes in your bed at 2AM & decides to stay awake fussing until 4AM you aren't forced to deal with child #1 waking and fussing at the same time.

3. Keep the DVD player & a candy bar by the bed so that when child #1 wakes up 4 hours later and demands cartoons and breakfast and a treat-you're all set & can stay in bed without waking child #2 after so little sleep.

4. Eat breakfast, even if everyone is crying for reasons you don't understand & think will end soon. They won't. The children will continue crying for a looooooooong time. So eat.

5. When you see the cat sniffing dried up grass or gift ribbon, remove those tasty morsels from the area or spend the rest of the day discovering cold wet gloppy mysterious messes under your toes. See above, then you will have the energy to investigate the cat's mysterious interest in said items & prevent the vomit fest.

6. Eat lunch as soon as the baby is calm, even if the laundry needs to be done, bathroom cleaned, bills paid, etc.

7. See above, then when you want to pour a glass of juice you will have both hands. Hanging baby over your shoulder to shakily pour a glass of juice one handed to get out of the massive drop in blood sugar will only result in a mess.

8. Use plastic cups for the above task, so that when someone surprises you by speaking you don't drop the large glass bottle of juice on the glass cup covering the kitchen with shards of glass and sticky juice.

9. Breathe, so that you remember the safety of the baby still hanging out on your shoulder.

10. Buy lots of interesting DVD's for child #1 so that on days when child #2 has colic child #1 remains occupied. Do not leave PG13 DVD's with scary content & impressive packaging around the house at eye level. They will make your life miserable.

11. Do not attempt to hide inappropriate DVD's with one hand while children are screaming for various reasons around you. You might break the phone accidentally rather that consciously throwing it out the door.

12. Just throw the phone out. There's no reason for communication with the outside world on days like this.

13. Do not think about the holiday plans or high school on days like this. You will not make it to the post office today & even if you could you are beautiful with messy unwashed hair & no one from high school should care when they run into you and the screaming fest of children at the post office. Get a grip. You are over 30 now.

14. Squash the stupid spider that frightened you out of getting ahead on laundry the night before a day like this. Being behind on laundry sucks when child #1 has 3 potty accidents in a row. Small accidents, but wet ones necessitating new soft pants because jeans will just not do. Reciting the benefits of getting ahead on diaper or spit up laundry is just plain redundant. Stupid spider & stupid 5 baskets of laundry.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Mommy, what's a copia?"
"A what?"
"A coconut? Um, what do you mean? What does it look like?"
"A copia."
"I'm sorry, I have no idea, I just don't know what a copia is."
"A hornuventy, Mom."

Nora Makes Her Entrance 11/16/08

Well my water didn't break all over any one's floor or upholstery, sock got a little wet. I woke up around 8:30AM, noticed signs of water breaking, called Chad, notified my folks, called my doctor, and was told to go to the hospital. It took me a good 20 hours to bring Thomas into this world, so I figured we had some time, as contractions were just starting. Chad was scheduled to fly in around 3PM. My mom rushed home from school, Chad rushed on his plane, and my dad took the bumpy scenic route to the hospital-ha, ha to the woman in labor. We arrived at the hospital between 10:30 and 11AM. I was starting to feel contractions every 5-10 minutes by the time we arrived, but they weren't strong enough to make me pause. It took about an hour for me to be admitted and I was dilated about 4cm when checked in the triage. I was moved to a delivery room where Thomas and my dad could join my mother and I. Thomas started to fuss, and contractions started to make me uncomfortable and I was worried about my Dad & Thomas having a hard day separated from us. My dad reassured me as they left and a nurse came in to ask me about my drug preferences, I told her no epidural & she started trying to put an IV in my arm. The whole time Chad was in air travel hell, delays, cancellations, and calling me to update with an arrival time in the evening. The contractions started coming faster, and the nurse blew 2 veins over the next 30 min or so. I began to sweat & breathe hard & couldn't tell whether it was due to the increasing intensity of the contractions, Chad's travel trouble, or the mauling of my arm veins. The nurse gave up on the IV & went to find someone else to do it. I told my poor mom I didn't think I could do this even though she was doing everything she could to make me comfortable, but all I could think was that I had 18 more hours of intense labor. The nurse came back, saw my pain & asked, "Do you want that epidural?" I wanted whatever would make the next 18 hours of anticipated labor fly by, but luckily the other staff knew better and while an IV was skillfully inserted-for no real reason as we would soon find out-Mom fed me ice, and I felt like I needed to push. That feeling never occurred while in labor with Thomas so I was still convinced that there were quite a few hours of pushing & hard labor to go, newsflash to me...NORA WAS READY, and very supportive of natural childbirth! I was hyperventilating and everything else is a blur, all of a sudden I was pushing, wondering if the baby was really coming out, my OB was instructing me to stop yelling and push & so I did & Nora was born. Three hours of labor-from the time contractions started-to delivery, all natural. Nora Amelie Holliday made her entrance Friday weighing in at 7Lbs 13 Oz, 20" long at 1:47PM. Welcome baby, if we're all speechless, just chalk it up to your beauty.

Can You See the Stretch Marks Through My Clothing? 11/13/08

Oh, yeah, about that, still pregnant, still big, and due within the next couple of weeks. Keep that eye brow down, there's time, I swear my water won't break all over your floor. I promise...sort of.


A lot of people say that about their children, 3 or 4 and knowing it all, etc. but tonight I have to use that tired saying about Thomas, 3 going on 13 again. We made chocolate chip cookies today, with extra strength dark bittersweet chocolate chips, thank you Grandma Nancy for letting us raid the back of the kitchen cabinet...The residual buzz had Thomas on a roll, a very energetic, and somewhat obnoxious roll. Maybe I was buzzed too, and ignoring him while rambling to my mom, who knows. Anyway,

"Thomas, please don't kick that just because you want attention, it will break. Pick it up off of the floor and put it where it belongs while I finish talking, you've interrupted."

Picks object up, "Excuse me, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, EXCUSE MEEEEEEEEEEE," and brings object into kitchen.

I try to conclude the rambling I've subjected my mother to.

"Mommy, mommy, mommmy..."

"Thomas!" I say exasperated.

"But Mommy, I AM pattentioning! I'm pattentioning already."

Trick or Treat 11/06/08

Today we watched a video of 2 year old Thomas from last summer. Thomas started to act like a baby in my lap as we watched. Know why? Because he was a squishy baby boy last summer who spoke and acted like a squishy baby boy. One thing about watching videos of Thomas is that I can see his desire and attempts to do things he hasn't mastered at the time of recording. I can see him learning. I can also see us parents not recognizing this too frazzled, trying to handle behavior he's testing out on us, & learning ourselves, akwardly. Thomas's vocabulary exploded while we were in the Czech Republic, surrounded by Czech people speaking Czech. Hmmm, I think he may have been bored by my conversation & just decided he needed to spice things up a bit. Whatever the reason, he now has a very impressive and clear vocabulary. He catches people off guard in public quite often with his brilliance, which is like the total Girl Scout badge of mothering right? Lately he's given up on his cutest sniglets and moved on to the correct pronunciations of things, sniff.

Thomas loves M & M's. Not the peanut ones I secretly coveted, okay not so secretly coveted, in his trick or treat bounty, but hey I'm really pregnant and walked a lot of miles so he could procure the I get to let him know which ones I really like right? He's such a sweetie about sharing, even this makes me feel guilty, so I can't even imagine stealing any of his loot. I think he might have 2 "yes parents."

My big point in posting is that he calls M & M's Num n Nums, as in,

"Would you like to try the M&M's?"
"Num n Nums, Mommy, I want some Num N Nums."

There is no way on earth I will correct him.

I'm off to check on my squishy baby boy while he sleeps, because when the sun rises the articulate & eager little boy will be in my face demanding,

"Mommy, get up, I want to watch cartoons right now. It's morning time, Mommy. We need O-cereal with yogurt and fruit not mixed in, just on top...I have to potty now, Mommy, and you need to turn on the light, but I don't need to wash hands yet because they aren't dirty...Where are we going today, Mommy? You have to open your eyes, Mommy."

What's More Fun than a Blanket Tent?

Celebrate Halloween with a Pregnant Strawberry

Here is what the pregnant lady looks like without the costume hugging her mentor after a 5 hour drive in the rain. And above that is my Mom, who survived the 5 hour drive in the rain PLUS the return trip in monsoon rain, in the dark, who's really a Grandmother, do you believe it? She knows how to moisturize. And at the top is Thomas bobbing for apples, 3 year old style and of course the spoils.

My mother made these great felt fruit costumes for my brother and I as children. We also got to be blue crayons...but you'll have to wait a few years to see those again. Pregnant strawberries make more sense than blue pregnant crayons. Thomas makes an awesome banana, but moves like a monkey so we opted to visit the Batsto Historic Village Halloween celebration sans the felt costumes plus boots, since Batsto has a lake & Thomas is 3. We had a choice between the township parade and the historic village celebration, and we made the right choice. A. They gave out toys instead of candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yey! B. We got there early enough to really enjoy all of the games. C. There were free pony rides (Thomas won't do that yet, large live animals make him a bit nervous) D. Everyone was extremely nice and non-competitive. There were no rigged costume competitions where the local PTA moms clique shunned my talented mother's handiwork for the same old princess and witch costumes worn by THEIR daughters. Guess I'm a little bitter, or a bit pregnant & witchy myself. We had a beautiful day together, counting the Hannah Montanas. Just kidding, but really, she needs a wilder look if she's going to market it for costume use.

And the Countdown Begins

Things I must do-
Stop looking at the calendar to calculate how many weeks (days) I have left to be pregnant.
Get rid of the piles (Do you hear that junk mail, student loan companies, medical billing people who can't get accounts straight since JUNE)
Fold the rest of the piles into piles of recognizable clothing & put away.
Give up on the sewing projects and pack my sewing machine up for moving. JUST LET IT GO, those cute baby clothes will never get sewn from the miniscule scraps I've saved, probably, well maybe...I mean those fabrics really are spectacular.
Figure out how to download pictures from my camera.
Find my toes and make them look presentable.

How to Get a Top Notch Hospital Tour 10/17/08

Well I'm looking at the last 6 weeks or so of being pregnant, and what does that mean? Lists. I'm making lists of things I have yet to do, need to beg, borrow, or steal, projects (ahem, translate piles of clutter) to attend to, people I must write or call, Halloween events to take Thomas to (since this holiday was non-existant where we lived last year & now he's revelling the ability to celebrate a holiday that = scary cool things + people giving him candy), oh and a list of names, etc. So on one of my lists I did everything except the first line, call the hospital I will be delivering at and schedule a tour. I'm nervous about delivery in a hospital after a home-birth and my feelings go between omigod this baby is going to be here in 6 weeks and omigod I can't believe I still have six more HUGE weeks to be HUGE before this baby is born. So calling the hospital would make this all a bit more real, like the huge belly and protruding baby kicks aren't enough. But there was good reason for my procrastination, since an A-1 tour was in the works for me.

We started out at Batsto, Thomas and a friend on tricycles, us moms slowly helping them navigate the big wheels back into riding terrain from time to time and stopping for snack breaks at every bench. Then they found the lake and rocks. I found a bench. Unfortunately Thomas found the rocks and shallow water to be old news and headed for the unfenced bank near the deep water. "What mom? Come back from there, are you kidding? That deep water is dark & still & smelly & I want to lean over and put things in it. Now, you say? Huh uh, nope not me. I'm not even going to acknowledge you are speaking to me. " I started to get up to leap after Thomas with all my huge pregnant grace, and the huge tree shading our bench sprouted two roots and took me down. Completely down. I knew there was no chance of catching myself and somehow twisted my body in a way that my face & belly did not smash into the dirt. Instead I landed completely flat out on my side, crushed the cell phone in my pocket, and will probably have a bum hip later in life. My palm and elbow filled with dirt, but I was okay because I didn't go down on my stomach, the baby was resting in the other side of my body and didn't seem phased. My ego was majorly bruised. I managed to collect Thomas from the deep shore of the lake & we continued on our adventure. However I was rattled, or my whole body was, and that concerned me enough to call my OB when we got home. He told me to go to Labor and Delivery immediately. Thus we got a trial run.

I was admitted and monitored by lovely nurses and tested by some really upbeat residents and released after 4 hours of monitoring and tests. The baby and I turned out to be fine, although I was experiencing contractions I didn't feel & am dilated 1cm. The facility was comfortable & I'm so happy I'll be going there to deliver. One of the best parts was a diagram on the wall with 8 circles all increasing in size, from 2 to 9cm. The 9 cm circle had a smiley face on it, with hair. Talk about your positive reinforcement. Hopefully I'll just keep sailing along with contractions I don't feel until 9cm.

Storm's A'brewin 10/01/08

I'm off to discover what people have been writing about the DIY movement, and try to catch up a little on where the critiques have gone in the ceramic field. It beats worrying about locating affordable organic cloth diapers, and boy are there some articulate people out there making art and posting about it online. In my corner I would like to post some brilliance of Thomas's and then some other stuff, not so brilliant.

"Walk-board," is what you walk to the beach on, makes so much more sense than boardwalk.

Baby girl is now kicking me in ways that show up through my clothes. Yes I am the woman carrying the wombat acrobat under my shirt out of the store, I swear she's paid for, wanna see my receipt?

I have to pee, almost all of the time. There's 32lbs pressing down on my inner parts. It is always an emergency, Daddy. I'm sorry, if I sneeze or snicker in the backseat of your car while I have to pee, dire things can happen.

Black town car type vehicles like to travel through the "Back way" we take to the shore. These roads are unmarked for the most part, quite wooded, parallel to NY/NJ highways & almost always empty save for pairs of shiny black expensive vehicles. Hmmmmm.

Popcorn, Courtesy of Mom

Mmmmm Popcorn 9/17/08

Did you ever hear the crinkle of chip bags being opened several rooms away from you, obviously by someone who wasn't immediately sharing the event with you? I have that talent. Popcorn is being made, so I'm lazily posting pictures without witty explanations (yet) because, darn it I just spent an hour figuring out how to download from my phone & onto a PC and then access from the phone company website, etc. I'm going to finish this and get some popcorn!

30 Weeks 9/17/08

If math serves me correct 30 weeks today, means 10 weeks to go. Or so. Could be 12. Could be less. My doctor received my current pregnancy medical records today, and asked me a few questions. My favorite? After asking my pre-pregnancy weight, he asked my height, then,

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, pretty sure,"

I stopped myself, felt it was ridiculous to try to explain the food, energy getting food over the winter entailed, the HORRID 24/7 morning sickness, the sagging jeans, knowledge that I lost weight in fried cheese land, and just went with,

"Well, it's genetic, tee hee, I can eat like a horse...just lucky I guess."

I never know what to say to doctors about my size. I'm not weight obsessed, just a little high strung, maybe? Like one of those little yappy dogs who shakes and pees a lot. I eat a lot, and when I don't, well those who know me don't want to, then they bring me food or banish me until I get some for myself.

"So, um you were probably on the low side, and now you've gained 30lbs so far, hmmmmm."

We moved on.

That would be 1Lb per week (at least), and last time it didn't slow down toward the end. So we're looking at 40 extra Lbs on my body, preschooler not included. Someone rub my feet, and my back, and then run me a bath & feed me ice cream.

Uninspired 9/13/08

So Thomas is cuter than ever and the baby is doing great. I'm with family and the sun is out today. I know we are ever so fortunate in the NE, as hurricane season is upon many places. I'm quarantining myself indoors, however. Something is blooming outside that causes my whole face to involuntarily scrunch up, squint the eyes, and sneeze over and over and over again. Add that to my huge preggo hormonal state & I'm a lovely dinner companion. I'm off to find some way to distract Thomas from the wilderness while sitting on my bottom. Shall we break out the playdough for the 50th time today or watch more TV?

I guess beside worrying about all of the people losing their homes to the weather patterns destroyed by global warming and the declining state of our country under the current politcal regime, the only other wonderous thing frustrating me baby girl will come out of my body in 2 months or so. She will most likely do so in a similar fashion to how Thomas came out. Heard many fairy tales about natural childbirth, you know from people who are were not completely high? Time to go meditate on the positive. Sit in one yoga position that doesn't give me indigestion & hope for the best.

Yey, I think...9/11/08

Ultrasound showed good results to the tech. Her exact words were, "Well everything looks good to me, and if the placenta was still low or anything was going on I would have you come back and talk to the doctor later today, but there's not, so a report will be sent to your doctor." Yey!

Baby girl weighs 3.5Lbs so far and I saw her pudgy cheeks! FAT CHEEKS, on MY baby? I had no idea we would be able to see so much of her face. Standard anatomy scans are done at 20 weeks not approaching 30 weeks, so it makes sense, but I was shocked. She's quite beautiful if I do say so myself. Thomas charmed the tech into getting his own picture of his baby sister.

The results mean I won't be planning a C-section, but that means I get to contemplate another natural birth.

Update 9/08/08

I'm eagerly awaiting an ultrasound this Tuesday, and have no idea what, if any information will go with me after it's done. Other than that I'm big. The baby must be big because I'm not big all over this time, yet. I weigh just as much as I did while pregnant with Thomas, but I have less "junk in my trunk," so to speak & I started out skinnier. Thank you, Chad, for the big baby contribution your genetics offered up. I'm carefully ignoring my mother's recollection that her father weighed something like 13lbs when he was born to my 80lb great-grandmother. La la la, la la la I can't hear you...

In other news while trying to distract myself enough to settle down and just sit, I flew through David Sedaris's latest book, made some baby gifts for the recent baby boom happening around me, made an archival baby book for my little girl, and started a scrapbook for Thomas to hold all of the leftover postcards & tickets I saved from our time living there. The excitement it never ends.

This morning, when I turned on the radio in my car Axl Rose was there whining "Patience," to me again. The DJ even let it play out the sigh at the end (of course I listened to the end, I know the words) & I couldn't help twinging and wishing Axl would have held back a little on the theatrics, what with the kilt and all. Even Thomas felt a little emotional listening to it & asked for his daddy or oh crap, maybe he was just wishing I had a better stereo system & some decent taste in music like his daddy...Way to go mom. Real cool.

In other Thomas news, tonight he told us that milk is yummy and good because it has calcium in it. Only calcium came out sounding like "Cow's Yum." He also want's his baby sister to come out "TODAY, RIGHT NOW," and to buy baby gifts for his little baby sister.

Insane Pregnant Lady Giggles in Waiting Room 9/3/08

Intake questionairre at my new OB's office.

Do you currently smoke? N
Drink alcohol? N
Have you had any prior pregnancies? Y
How many? 1
Any problems with delivery? N

Any problems with conception? Well now how can I just answer that with an N. It would need a BIG FAT NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpe to begin to get the point across right? I feel bad for all those people out there having so much difficulty conceiving who are so much more prepared for children than me. I mean who in their right mind would get pregnant while abroad while completely unemployed and uninsured while trying to wrangle their first surprise who's just about to turn 3? I love my son dearly, but anyone within a mile of us in the grocery store will probably reconsider their contraceptive options for at least a minute. I won't go into detail about how this happened to us, but I think we're going to not only keep separate sock drawers, but separate closets as well.

Garden State 8-28-08

Sorry for MIA posts. I had a wonderful time teaching my last workshops in clay and sculpture. Have to say I'm wildly disappointed in myself for not remembering to take pictures of everything that made it out of the kiln on time in our last class. My students rocked & their work was phenomenal. Speaking of rocking, the hour commute gave me a chance to catch up with my Jersey radio stations, and local Wawa stores. I'm amazed at how much I missed hearing a daily dose of Guns n Roses or Rage Against the Machine . I passed on Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, however. Knowing they were available to me on multiple stations throughout the day was enough. I'm more amazed at the fact that I will admit to missing GnR, or that I remembered the words to both Patience and Welcome to the Jungle. Ha, funny what the mind holds onto. The conscientious driver in me has also remained true to local road rules and my middle finger is now quite limber and ready for use as I flick my turn signal as I turn rather than before. Oh, and fyi don't slow down to turn either, or you will get run off of the road. NJ invented road rage.

I must continue on things that rock, because while I was teaching, Thomas got to create some beautiful memories with his Grandma & Grandpa Rizzo. Quite a bit of our summer has revolved around the gorgeous garden my dad planted filled with cucumber, squash, beets, green beans, eggplant, peas, and of course Jersey tomatoes. We are so fat and happy helping him harvest the lovely garden and picking his blackberries I want to commit to growing at least one edible thing wherever I live for the rest of my life.

The pregnant belly is doing really well. Baby girl is in there growing and kicking like the Olympic soccer/football player she must be aspiring to be. I'm also out of breath and even Tums seem to give me indigestion if not taken with a gallon of water. So I think things are going well.

Happy Birthday to Me 8-18-08

I had a lovely day with my family & was totally spoiled with presents and a fine dining experience at the Yellow Fin on Long Beach Island. The newborn and 3 year old who accompanied us...?

Seriously, they behaved like angels so the good looking wait-staff who've probably never seen a high chair or booster seat didn't even raise a brow. Before going to sleep, Thomas told me that I was his "best-est" friend.

Deep Thoughts 8-03-08

So I was thinking, in the shower today. I have brilliant thoughts in there when a little person isn't grabbing the shower curtain and yelling, "Mommy, you are not taking a shower!" or throwing the door open as soon as I disrobe. This is his way of voicing his displeasure at my secretive exit to bathe now and then while he watches a morning cartoon. My once sacred ritual of bathing every day was endangered with his birth, has declined, and now looking ahead to the birth of #2, I might have to invest in some perfume or spend a lot of time in the kiddie pool. Ahem. Anyway on to the brilliant thought(s) I had. My shampoo is for "Hydrating curls," and is meant to tame frizz, a ridiculous claim that is making hair product companies tons of $ off of the Italian population of woman in NJ alone. Their profits peak in the summer. While I was contemplating how good the shampoo smells and how awful the frizz could be if I used another shampoo, I noticed that underneath hydrating curls is a translation, something rizzos... Well, I've heard this before. My last name means curls or frizzy, so the little boys on the playground, and bigger boys in middle school who called me Frizzo should get some credit, since none of them spoke a second language. Burping the alphabet didn't count. I really should have given them more points for their brilliance, although I won't award them any points for creativity. Part of me regrets hoping that they are now shoveling manure in a factory that only allows employees to dress in short shorts and flip flops. I also wish that their boss would make them pay for gloves out of pocket and that the IRS would by some fluke of fairness refuse to allow them to deduct the regular glove and penecillin expenditures from their taxes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do something generous to work off the bad karma I just created. However, I had a lovely shower this morning, totally uninterrupted & even got to dress with the door closed, alone.

Cuteness 7-30-08

The headliner today is Thomas. We gave him a neck massager to play with today, a little vibrating kidney bean shaped thing that when turned on will spin around on the floor, make loud vibrating noise, and basically provides hours of uninterrupted fun akin to but better than the 24 hour a day PBS cartoon station on cable...

Okay so he started using the little toy as a sander on the dining room table. It was annoying, but then he moved it to his head. I saw an opportunity to make the idea of haircutting fun by playing barber. No, he wasn't going for it, then to avoid the dining room table sanding again, my mom suggested he try shaving, just like daddy does with the clippers, and the response?

"Nuuuooooouuuu, it makes my nose shiver when I do that."

And he showed us, and said, "See my nose is shivering when I do that. It shivers my nose."

Sniglets: Part Four 7-18-08

What do you say when someone covers your ears with freshly folded matching hand towels? "These are my phone-muffs!"
And when someone tries to remove them from your ears and hang them on the towel rack in the appropriate fashion...
"I need those phone-muffs for my ears! Those are my phone-muffs."

You might wonder why someone would cover her child's ears in freshly folded hand towels. I don't have a reason that really makes sense, which is probably the beauty of the whole deal. I was trying not to trip over my little helper on the way down the hall from the linen closet to the bathroom with an empty towel rack. Somehow placing the perfectly folded towels over his ears and giggling helped us move down the hall quick enough for me to take normal size steps. Go ahead, you try living with a three year old, and prevent yourself from saying "HURRY UP ALREADY!" frome time to time. I have to come up with creative diversions that prevent me from stifling this urge in myself and encouraging the beauty of Thomas's slow and meticulous observation. Then two loooooooong seconds later, I can be caught saying, "Wait, slow down, no we can't wipe your butt in the living room, get back in this bathroom, RIGHT NOW."

7-11-08 Salsa for One

So, I'm awake at 1 AM again, and well jet lag probably isn't the
excuse. I needed a burrito, with lots of cheese and salsa. My mommy and
daddy had all of the necessary ingredients in the refrigerator so I
didn't have to wait for the store to open, prepare Thomas for an
outing, and drag him to the bus stop so we could procure overpriced
crappy tortillas that would mold in a heartbeat or ketchup flavored
salsa. Joy! I had a thought as I was microwaving my burritos, peeking
my pregnant head around the corner to catch the stop button before the
deafening beeps that could wake the wholeun -pregnant, refrigerator
stocking, sleeping occupants of this house. I wanted to add salsa, and
it was cold. Then I thought "I like cold salsa on a hot burrito. No, Chad likes cold salsa on his Mexican food, and I like it
heated with the cheese. It's always been a question when we
cook together, when to add the salsa? We cook separate burritos because
of this, duh." The point? Somewhere in my mind I mixed up his
preferences for my own. I don't know if this signals how much I miss
him while we are working on opposite coasts this summer, or an extreme
co-dependence problem. I would like to think it's the first reason,
since I'm carrying his second child. It's not easy being apart, but I
sure am enjoying my burrito right now, cold salsa and all.


I can't find my digital camera cord for PC's. My folks have a PC, which means everyone I've caught in a photo is held captive in the camera memory card until futher investigation of our last unpacked suitcase. It's a treasure trove for three year old hands, lots of computer equip, warranty info, and VERY IMPORTANT STUFF we just didn't have time to unpack and organize & left in place since it's all together. Marvelous filing system we have over here. Anyway I'm teaching a ceramic sculpture class to teens right now, having a blast, since they are great. I'm surprised at their level of enthusiasm & their discipline. I've been teaching groups of kids from inner city areas for a few years & this group from Camden blows all my other classes out of the water. Go figure. I can't wait to see how their stuff turns out. More later...I really want to do these students justice in my description and right now Thomas doesn't want to be ignored & we have to go explore some storm activity outside. Oh and Julie gave me some spectacular ribbon & I made some things & I can't wait to post the pictures. I owe my sewing beauty to her & of course my mom who lugged all the fabric & machines upstairs for me. Oh yeah & my mom struggled to maintain enough patience during my childhood (and beyond) to instill at least an ounce of patience necessary for sewing in me.


New developments for Thomas include,
"Strapple," as in, "I must strapple Myself into MY seat."

Sweet Pea 6-30-08

I'm not one for nicknames or cute syrupy shows of affection, but Sweet Pea is one of those nicknames that I find quite endearing. It wasn't something my parents ever called me, but whenever I've come across a special mentor or guide in my life they've used this term of endearment for me. No one else. Somehow this small thing makes me feel faith in the turns life takes, and hope that there will always be love in humanity. We are back in the states, returned to the nest of love and support (a big nest since our family extends to both coasts, north, south, and inbetween). Chad is back in Seattle for a bit working with his mentors and our old friends, and I'm in Jersey with family and friends while we prepare to move to Texas at the end of the summer. Even though we aren't able to see all of our family this summer, it's a relief to know we are in similar time zones & can pick up the phone almost any time we want. Chad will begin as head of a 3d art dept. in August teaching, glass, clay and sculpture this fall. It's very exciting to know we'll be settling in the states for quite a while. In other news I'm carrying a girl! Oh my heavans the purple and pink frilly dreams I can now give in to. Maybe not. She's got Thomas's favorites in storage to grow into & I'm looking into contemporary feminist groups on her behalf. Anyway I'm doing okay with the pregnancy, but not quite sailing through the way I did last time. I have to see doctors this time & it is hard. I don't trust the medical system & loved the calming energy of my midwives. This time the calm will be up to me to provide. Luckily my family is here to help, feed us amazing food, and give me rest. I'm totally spoiled. The baby is big & healthy and last week Thomas and I harvested grandpa's pea patch.

Sweet Pea

I'm not one for nicknames or cute syrupy shows of affection, but Sweet Pea is one of those nicknames that I find quite endearing. It wasn't something my parents ever called me, but whenever I've come across a special mentor or guide in my life they've used this term of endearment for me. No one else. Somehow this small thing makes me feel faith in the turns life takes, and hope that there will always be love in humanity. We are back in the states, returned to the nest of love and support (a big nest since our family extends to both coasts, north, south, and inbetween). Chad is back in Seattle for a bit working with his mentors and our old friends, and I'm in Jersey with family and friends while we prepare to move to Texas at the end of the summer. Even though we aren't able to see all of our family this summer, it's a relief to know we are in similar time zones & can pick up the phone almost any time we want. Chad will begin as head of a 3d art dept. in August teaching, glass, clay and sculpture this fall. It's very exciting to know we'll be settling in the states for quite a while. In other news I'm carrying a girl! Oh my heavans the purple and pink frilly dreams I can now give in to. Maybe not. She's got Thomas's favorites in storage to grow into & I'm looking into contemporary feminist groups on her behalf. Anyway I'm doing okay with the pregnancy, but not quite sailing through the way I did last time. I have to see doctors this time & it is hard. I don't trust the medical system & loved the calming energy of my midwives. This time the calm will be up to me to provide. Luckily my family is here to help, feed us amazing food, and give me rest. I'm totally spoiled. The baby is big & healthy and last week Thomas and I harvested grandpa's pea patch.