Friday, January 1, 2010

Over Here in the New Year!

The blog has been divided & I've decided to leave the travel dialog on and the family/other personal posts to this blog. This is where I'll keep in touch and post about home, children, artwork, and the random things I find blog-worthy.

Over time, as the children allow, I will attempt to re-post entries from 2008-2009 in order. I'm reviewing content & it takes forever. Who is the wordy chick who posted a ton of photos of her kids, spelled things wrong while using spell check, and who's never figured out how to avoid a run-on sentence?

The news that necessitated this change is that I will begin a new job next week. JOB, outside of the house, NEXT WEEK. Now I have to figure out how to sync up my iPhone & laptop and remember how to dress myself more than two days a week.

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