Friday, February 12, 2010

There's a Bluebird on my Shoulder

In an effort to be more positive and not completely lose track of Nora's cuteness in the daily blur of coffee, book-bags, runny-noses, Indiana Jones vs. Star Wars couch surfing contests, 30-minute meals, and calendar syncing... Whew I'm going to post a list.

Nora loves to hug Thomas. Nora loves to pet Jack. Nora loves to pet Mona. Nora loves to hug babies. Nora is full of love.

Nora puffs her breath to kiss.

Nora says kitty like keeeeeey? keeeeeey?

Nora says Daddy like Daaaaaaaaaa?

Nora loves to put lotion on her hands and pat her face with it. She then likes to rub her hair.

Nora loves to play with her hair accessories, choose one to put in her hair, tug on my hand until I put it in the right spot, and then admire her beauty in the mirror.

Speaking of admiring herself in the mirror...Nora hates bath-time until she is wrapped in a towel and cuddled. No matter how loud and long she yells through the washing portion of a bath, the moment I take her out and wrap her up and bring her past our bathroom mirror, she smiles and nuzzles under my chin.

Nora loves her shoes. Sometimes she also loves her socks. She loves to sort through them and almost always chooses her prettiest pair to wear. She loves Mary-Jane buckle style, patent leather, and bows.

Nora loves her purses.

Nora loves to swing.

Nora loves other babies.

Nora loves to do EVERYTHING Thomas does.

Nora also wants EVERYTHING Thomas has.

Nora helps me unload the dishwasher, laundry, and unload the dryer.

Nora loves to throw things. Luckily we've acquired enough soft toy balls to prevent too many accidents...

Nora loves music & loves to dance...still.

Nora makes everyone smile and tell us how cute she is.

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  1. Thank you for those insights.
    I'm so happy for all of you...
    especially you having a
    Daughter to share your life with.